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20 May

pantry closet organization: before and after

I'll be the first to admit it: I'm not a tidy person. when I get dressed, I throw my clothes all over the floor and bed (and it says there for a few days.) when I cook, I shove everything back into the cupboard and drawers like a crazy person and things pileup. I leave the toothpaste out without putting the cap back on and it slowly leaks out on the bathroom sink. I can never see my closet floor because my shoes and purses are shoved in there. I leave my armoire drawers wide open. I never made my bed in the morning until I married Lu. I've always been disorganized. it was always kind of a joke in my...
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15 May

an update on Luca and his schedule

it's ironic that I'm writing an update on Luca and his 'schedule' because this baby has never been on a schedule. from the moment he was born, I've been feeding him on demand and listening to his sleepy cues. he runs the show and we're fine with that - he's happiest when he eats when he wants to eat and sleeps when he's tired. if we force anything, it throws him off and he's cranky. there was a period in time when he was young (younger than 2-3 months) where I didn't take him out much because it was freezing cold outside, I was adjusting to newborn life, and frankly, I preferred to be at home with all the comforts around...
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14 May

baby favorites: month 6

month 6 of the BABY FAVORITES series. things that my baby (and me!) are loving at this stage.  for this series, I'm going to list the things that made month SIX great! month 6: baby favorites 1. Wooden blocks: So these are not the exact blocks that I bought, but they are just like them - and Luca LOVES blocks now. I build them up in a tower and he knocks them down. We could do this for HOURS, it's hilarious. He giggles so much! 2. Inglesina table high chair: If you're doing baby led weaning, especially, this is a great chair! It's so easy to clean and reassemble (and I'm bad at stuff like that) and it adheres well to tables at...
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11 May

My self-care realization

Instagram is flooded with images of people practicing 'self care.' Commonly, this looks like toes sticking out of the end of a bathtub filled with rose petals and scattered with candles on the edges. There may be a glass of wine or some journaling happening. For me, self care has always been hard to grasp. What is self care? I found myself feeling pressured by Instagram to turn self care into something beautiful and content-worthy. Maybe I should sage my apartment, meditate, take a yoga class with crystals, or buy the perfect bundle of eucalyptus. When I did try these things, they didn't work. I didn't enjoy practicing this type of 'self care' and they did nothing for me. Why not? Because...
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8 May

monthly challenges: may

for each month, starting in march, I'm going to be doing a monthly challenge, where I practice something NEW or the entire month (about 30 days). I didn't want to preselect all the challenges for the entire year, because I'm always changing and there are always areas of my life that change and some need more help than others at certain times. let's start with a recap of the last month and then get into this month's challenge! april's challenge: recap april's challenge was all about my recovery from Bell's Palsy - to drink an anti-inflammatory beverage once a day, everyday. I did it! I will say, towards the end, especially when the weather picked up, I was finding myself only having the...
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4 Apr

monthly challenges: april

needless to say, it's been a rough start to April and I'm falling a bit behind! if you follow me on @inspiralized, you know that I woke up last week with Bell's Palsy, a condition that renders half of your face completely paralyzed. not cute, extremely uncomfortable, and really scary.

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