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20 Dec

packing for the holidays in florida


in july, my parents moved to Florida. they’ve been spending the past 5 or 6 winters in Florida, and they finally made the move down there. my father’s not retired, so he still comes up every couple of weeks from spring through early winter, but then they’re in Florida until around late march.

I used to be bummed about it, but now, it’s a nice weekend getaway trip for me, with plenty of Vitamin D from the sun!

we leave Friday night to fly down to Florida and we’re there until the New Year (Jan 1)! in preparation, I’ve picked up a few new dresses, coverups, and bathing suits for the occasion although we always end up just staying in our bathing suits the entire time. alas, I’m excited to spend the holiday with my family!



  • Emily Weir

    What area of Florida? I’m sure you’ll be happy for the warm weather, but it’s been so incredibly warm and humid this year that even us Floridians are wishing for some cooler temps! Enjoy the holiday in the sunshine state!

    Tue December 20 at 3:25 pm Reply

    Thumbs UP on Outfits…Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    Tue December 20 at 8:52 pm Reply
  • Kat

    Hi Ali, have a wonderful time and happy holidays to you and your hubby. I am hoping my Xmas present to me – your second book! – arrives tomorrow as it should. I just made one of your spiralized buns… luv your stuff.

    A fan, Kat. (aka KatMagic Photography)

    Tue December 20 at 9:05 pm Reply
  • Terra

    Hi Ali,

    It looks like you and your family had a great trip! One member especially… On that note, I was wondering if you could please share where your sister got the gorgeous dress she’s wearing in photos from her engagement? And while you’re at it, please pass on the Spiralized community’s heartfelt congratulations! Can’t wait to see you stand next to her, whenever that happens.

    Thanks in advance and warm(ish) wishes from Canada,

    Thu January 26 at 7:19 pm Reply

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