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26 Aug

off-the shoulder date night


OKAY. I’ve resolved to take this blog more seriously, because I realize that heck, I’m a girl, and I have a LOT to share – because I’ve experienced the whole “being a young lady” of my 20s (okay, I’m still in my 20s, but not for long!) and I want to share what I’ve learned, gained, and what I’ve kissed goodbye.

I’ve talked a bit about this before on my blog, but, my style journey finally took a turn in the right direction after I accepted that I don’t have a runway model body so I shouldn’t be trying to nail every look from the runway. that’s not to say that I can’t enjoy the trends, but there are some trends that I’ve learned to say buh-bye to. for example, anything baggy around my waist.

I literally had to look myself in the dressing room at Urban Outfitters one day and say, “never again will you wear a sheath dress that doesn’t cinch at your waist.” NOW, I do actually have a few sheath dresses that I keep on hand for “those” days (the days after a holiday weekend, a birthday weekend, or just a time when you’ve overindulged and need a little wiggle room – literally.)

which brings me to today’s outfit: a date night look that maximizes on some of my best features: my small waist and neckline.

I’m wearing this body suit by Top Shop, which I wear way too much, but that’s because it’s so flattering! it hits on my chest perfectly, revealing my neckline, and is tight throughout the bodice, revealing my waist. I pair it with a pair of high-rise denim to further accentuate my waist. I pair it with some leg-lengthening shoes, a pair of peep-toe shoes I’ve had for years from Target (obviously pronounced tar-jay here).

I love this look for date night, especially as we transition into cooler temps at night. it’s also extremely windy by my building where I live, as you can tell especially in this photo:

also, please bear with me as I learn how to be photographed. I give those full-time fashion bloggers A LOT of credit. it’s hard not to just look at the camera and smile and it’s especially hard to know what’s going to look good on the camera when you’re in front of it. I literally Googled, “best model poses” and then these photos happened (call them bloopers):

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