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10 Jul

what I’m into right now – 7.10.17

this weekend….

Friday, I woke up, did a spin class, did some work and then hopped in the car to drive to the North Fork to spend the weekend there. we drove through Manhattan, picked up Sweet Green salads for lunch and then swung by our friends’ apartment and picked them up. We all drove to the North Fork (in Long Island) and stopped at Croteaux Vineyards (an adorable rosé winery) for a couple bottles of rosé (I was the designated driver, of course – lucky them!) after that, we headed to the North Fork Table & Inn for an amazing dinner – and INCREDIBLE chocolate chip cookies.

Saturday, we woke up and I led a workout class! I did it through the Nike Training Club App – it was a killer, sweaty workout and we all woke up the next day very, very sore. after that, we headed to Love Lane Kitchen in Mattituck for breakfast. after that, we came back to the house we were staying at (our friends let us stay at their house for the weekend), showered, got ready, and Lu and I dropped off our friends at a house nearby and then Lu and I drove to Southhampton for a party with PureWow. It was absolutely unbelievable – the houses in Southhampton are just stunning estates, it’s almost unreal. Actually, it’s unreal. The party was a lot of fun and I got to meet some lovely ladies. after that, we drove back to Mattituck and picked up our friends and we headed to a nearby winery, Lieb Cellars. After that, we headed to a friend’s house for some appetizers and drinks and hung out there for a couple of hours until we had to leave to drive to Greenport to have dinner at Noah’s.

Sunday, we decided to just wake up, have breakfast, and head back home to avoid traffic. we went to good food and I had a breakfast egg burrito in a whole wheat wrap. we made excellent time, dropped our friends back home in Gramercy Park and then headed back to Jersey City. we stopped at our favorite smoothie place, got some smoothies, and then drove back to the apartment. I was ambitious and wanted to go on a walk in the city, but I took a 2-hour nap instead. this mama was TIRED! then, we headed to dinner at a local spot – I had my favorite veggie burger. then, we came back, and Lu built a bunch of furniture for the nursery and then we watched some Netflix! it’s all coming together! my goal is to be done by 35 weeks so I don’t have to worry about a THING and can just enjoy the last 5 weeks of my pregnancy and “alone time” with Lu, stress-free. I don’t want to be scrambling at the end. that’s the plan, at least.

what I’m into RN…

I’ve been living in these Gap maternity denim shorts. they’re on sale!

the secret to thigh chafing? I found it! BANDELETTES. life-changing, especially now that I’m experiencing some serious chafage thanks to this pregnancy weight gain. I got them in the smallest size in ‘Beige Unisex.’

this article about the fakeness of food Instagrammers. after seeing girls pose with ice creams and then immediately put them in the garbage, I’m happy someone wrote a piece about it finally.

I’m digging the black and white version of this pineapple cross body bag.

because every week I see something cactus-y that I want. this halter bikini. and this open shoulder top.

I’m shopping for dresses for my baby shower in a couple of weeks (july 30th!) and I wanted to wear something blue to celebrate having a baby boy – just bought this, fingers crossed it fits!

I also bought this at ASOS, for a casual summer dress, with a little bit of a sleeve to transition to chilly late-summer nights.

there’s a 25% off sale at West Elm right now, expiring tonight. I need some new vases. what do you need?

see you next week!

  • Melissa

    Hey Ali, I noticed in your Instagram feed you have been reading some pregnancy/parenting books. Which ones would you recommend?

    Mon July 10 at 2:36 pm Reply
    • Ali Maffucci

      Post on that coming up soon!

      Mon July 10 at 3:19 pm Reply
  • Natalie Ellis

    Hi Alissa,

    I’ve started reading your blog religiously this past spring/summer. You’re little (growing) family is just too cute and my boyfriend’s brother and Fiance just moved to Jersey City…told her to follow you immediately!

    This is random.. but I wanted to ask if you actually buy things from Shein? I see this cactus top and am DYING to buy it, but I’ve heard this site has delivered not so "accurate" products to people. Has that been your experience? Do tell if you can!

    Also dying to get the Inspiralize Everything cookbook…waiting for an "occasion" so I can ask for it as a gift…or I’ll just cave and buy it myself. I always check your online recipes anyway!

    Thanks for sharing your life!


    Mon July 10 at 2:38 pm Reply
    • Ali Maffucci

      I have, actually! Only once, and it was exactly as I ordered! I don’t have much experience ordering from them except that one time, though! Thanks for following along – and YES, you must get the cookbook!

      Mon July 10 at 3:19 pm Reply
  • Allie Malinovskis

    Ali! I was celebrating my birthday in the Norh Fork on Saturday (love Croteaux!) and had dinner in Greenport too – must have just crossed paths with you! ???? – Allie

    Mon July 10 at 3:04 pm Reply
    • Ali Maffucci

      Great to see you on here Allie!! Hope you are well!

      Mon July 10 at 3:19 pm Reply
  • Olivia

    What did you think of Noah’s? I wasn’t a fan!

    Mon July 10 at 3:13 pm Reply
    • Ali Maffucci

      Everything we ordered was great! I had the halibut with a ratatouille, some Mexican-style corn, and a beet salad.

      Mon July 10 at 3:18 pm Reply
  • Caroline Hatley

    A crossbody bag is essential when you have a new baby! I bought an MZ Wallace–can’t recommend it more highly (Hillary Clinton carries one!).

    Mon July 10 at 8:50 pm Reply
  • Erin

    Hi! Thanks for all your great baby and maternity posts!!!! Love all the ideas! To go with your palm obsession, check out this great line at India Hicks!
    Super cute palm print summer goods!

    Tue July 11 at 4:06 pm Reply
  • Anna

    Where is your dress from in the pic? So pretty!

    Thu July 13 at 2:42 pm Reply
    • Ali Maffucci

      It’s Show Me Your Mumu!

      Thu July 13 at 2:57 pm Reply

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