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2 Aug

lauren conrad’s new maternity line at KOHL’S

Denim / Gold Bracelet / Tie Bracelet / RingShoes / Clutch

lauren conrad has launched a new maternity line at KOHL’S and everything is so adorable – and flattering!

I’ve followed LC over the years (I actually never watched The Hills) as she’s built her empire. it’s super inspiring and I love her aesthetic. she’s also total #preggogoals (I mean, hello?)

I put together this everyday comfy look, pairing this stretchy maternity full-panel denim with a fluttery, flirty top that flatters a small waist and the emerging bump at the same time. and of course, the shoes are by Lauren Conrad as well – and SO comfortable, I could walk all day in them!

when Babble wanted to partner up with me with KOHL’S to help debut the new line and share a bit about my pregnancy, of course I said yes! I’m all about showing off my bump and wearing it proudly, because I AM proud of my body and what it can do.

actually, I get a little sad when I see women shaming their pregnant bodies and complaining about how they don’t like the weight gain or the way their new shape looks, because a) there’s more to life than your ideal weight (like making a human!) and b) there are many women out there who can’t conceive, and it’s an absolute blessing to be able to, so quit your complainin’!

I have never felt more confident with my body than I do now, and I have my pregnancy to thank for that. I work out to stay toned, fit, and healthy for this delivery and this baby, and I eat well to nourish myself and the baby. and while yes, I plan to whip myself back into shape as soon as I get the a-okay from the doctor, I love this pregnant body of mine and I’m embracing the last 7 weeks I get with it (I’m 33 weeks pregnant today!)

clothing c/o Babble and KOHL’S.

  • Natalie Peterson

    Awesome post ????????????

    Wed August 2 at 5:27 pm Reply
  • Stella @Stellicious Life

    You look gorgeous Ali, and your pride and contentment with your pregnant body shows, you are radiant! 😀 You are such a role model on how you approach life, being healthy, your pregnancy, building your business and life as a couple! 🙂

    Thu August 3 at 6:15 pm Reply

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