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1 Feb

a breastfeeding update


I’ve been sharing lots of pumping selfies over on my Instagram accounts, which has led to many questions regarding my pumping and breastfeeding routine. so, here’s an update, including some of my favorite products lately!

UPDATE: The Medela Freestyle broke on me after about 12 uses. UGH! I returned it and I got the Spectra S9 and I couldn’t be happier – it expresses MUCH more milk and it’s just as travel friendly. My only negative is that it doesn’t clip on, so you have to hold it or try to fit it in your pocket/waistband (the Medela Freestyle had a clip.)

breastfeeding update

breastfeeding is still going well – even better, actually! it’s still the best part of my day – when Luca and I have our alone time together and I nurse him. he makes the most adorable milk drunk faces!

as everyone told me would happen, we really got into our groove around 3.5-4 months. for awhile, I couldn’t get Luca to nurse in the classic cradle position. my breasts seemed too heavy and he wouldn’t be able to maintain his latch – it was almost like he wasn’t strong enough to keep my nipple in his mouth (that sounds odd typing it out, haha – but there’s no other way to put it!)

well, now we can nurse well in the cradle position, which makes feeding him outside of the home much easier! his latch is much stronger, finally.

before having Luca, my goal was to breastfeed for 6 months, but now that it’s already 4 months, I can’t imagine stopping in just 2 months. my new goal is just to breastfeed until it no longer works for us. perhaps Luca will wean early or I won’t enjoy nursing him anymore. who knows! I’m keeping open-minded about breastfeeding, but I’m still really grateful that it has worked out so well and I’ve been able to keep a healthy milk supply, nurse without pain, and keep Luca growing! he’s almost 17 pounds now, I can’t believe it!

breastfeeding “schedule”

as I mentioned in my post about baby Luca’s current schedule, I feed Luca on demand. that is, whenever he shows hunger signs (usually around every 3-4 hours), I feed him. I don’t feed him unless he “seems” hungry. hunger signs include putting his fists in his mouth, rooting, and fussiness that isn’t due to being tired or boredom (he’s rarely fussy unless it’s one of those 3 things – hunger, boredom, tiredness.)

a typical feeding schedule may be this:

7:30am: feeding 1
10:30am: feeding 2
1:30pm: feeding 3
4:30pm: feeding 4
7:30pm: last feeding, feeding 5 + put to bed (he sleeps through the night, until 7:15/7:30am)

now, sometimes, the baby only has 4 feedings in a day – it all depends on his naps and how it all works out (ie if he skips a nap, then he’ll end up sleeping longer and perhaps skip a feeding.)


after his last feeding, I work in one pump session. this is my only designated pumping session, as in, the one pumping session I always do daily. this session helps keep my supply strong, since baby Luca sleeps through the night. when I wasn’t doing this, I was noticing my supply dip. after adding the pumping session, my supply went right back up!

other times I’ll pump are:

  • if the baby only nurses on one breast, I’ll pump the other breast for 10-15 minutes
  • if I miss a feeding, as in, I’m not home when the baby is due to eat, I’ll pump once I’m home. I rarely miss feedings, but if I do, I pump!

other than that, I don’t pump during the day in addition to breastfeeding! and I only really ever pump for 10-15 minutes, no longer than that. since I have a strong supply, I don’t want an over supply, so I keep it to under 15 minutes every time. I don’t think I could go much longer than that – it’s so boring!

latest nursing and pumping products I’m loving

I LOVE this nursing and pumping bra by The Dairy Fairy – it’s hands-free, which is just so incredibly convenient – AND I can wear it and have support for my larger breasts (I got it in a size Large and it fits well!)

I got the Medela Freestyle pump for Florida and it broke (see update at top of this post), because I was lugging around my Spectra S2 pump around and I needed something more travel friendly. I got the Spectra 9 instead and I’m LOVING it (again, see update at the top of this post.)

I LOVE the Spectra S2 – it’s pain-free, seems to extract milk slightly better, and makes barely any noise. at home, it’s my go-to, but on the go, Medela Freestyle is my choice.

I’ve been eating Milkful lactation bars – they are so delicious and when I don’t have time to make a batch of my Lactation Bites, they’re a great option!

hope this post was helpful!

  • Brooke

    I have the spectra pump as well for when I’m at work! It’s amazing! Three sessions a day for no more than 15 each and I get more than enough milk! I’m with you! Pumping is boring!! But worth it!

    Thu February 1 at 5:19 pm Reply
  • Chelsea

    This was so good to read! I’m 7 weeks out from my first baby and it’s so refreshing (and helpful) to hear positive breastfeeding stories and experiences! Thank you for sharing!

    Thu February 1 at 5:28 pm Reply
  • Mital

    Seeing posts like this makes me feel much less overwhelmed about breastfeeding my baby. I’m due in about 6 weeks and BF is by far my biggest worry because it could go so many different ways. I appreciate you telling us that it can/was hard at times but it gets better. Really enjoy all your posts but especially the baby related one!

    Thu February 1 at 6:21 pm Reply
  • Deborah

    A tip for all the new moms to be…many pediatric offices have a nurse who specializes in lactation on staff. If you call or meet your future pediatrician before baby arrives, you can have the contact info on hand and also meet with that nurse when you bring baby in for well visits, which are often in the beginning.

    Thu February 1 at 7:00 pm Reply
  • Jane

    How many ounces do you pump in 15 minutes? and how many ounces does he take in a bottle? thanks for the bra suggestion. i am so buying this asap!

    Thu February 1 at 7:52 pm Reply
    • Ali Maffucci

      It totally depends on the time of the day! Anywhere from 5oz to 11oz!

      Thu February 1 at 8:10 pm Reply
      • Ali Maffucci

        And he usually takes 7-8 oz in a bottle!

        Thu February 1 at 8:10 pm Reply
  • Kelsey

    Hi Ali! I’m so glad breastfeeding is going so well for you and sweet baby Luca! With the Medella pump – if you haven’t already, try exchanging the breast sheid for a different sized one. Sometimes if it hurts, it’s because the breast shield is too big or too small for your nipple. Hope this helps! 🙂

    Thu February 1 at 9:30 pm Reply
  • Shelby

    Is there anything you do to increase your milk supply? I am breastfeeding my daughter majority of the day and when I do pump I don’t seem to be getting that much. I did buy the milkful lactation cookies but I don’t eat them regularly. Any recommendations will help! Thank you, Shelby

    Thu February 1 at 11:26 pm Reply
    • Ali Maffucci

      I eat milk supply fortifying foods like flaxseed and oatmeal. And I eat enough calories and drink TONS of water! And I feed my baby on demand!

      Tue February 6 at 11:25 pm Reply
  • Aliza

    You are doing fantastic! Love seeing how you both are doing!! I can’t wait to see Luca doing downward dog on you while he nursed. Just wait. ????????❤️???????? @latchontomebfsupport

    Fri February 2 at 1:50 am Reply
  • Rosalie

    Thank you so much for sharing! Did you notice if your supply started to dip when you started working out again? If not, did you do anything extra to prevent it from decreasing? I’m thinking so long as I drink enough water and eat enough calories I should be ok? How many oz of water and calories do you aim to have in a day?

    Fri February 2 at 1:46 pm Reply
    • Ali Maffucci

      I didn’t at all! I didn’t lower my caloric intake though, kept it the same (the same amount I was eating during my last trimester!)

      Tue February 6 at 11:25 pm Reply
  • Raquel

    Thanks for sharing! Any update on the best non wired sports bra for large chests? I have a two month old and the wired one definitely caused a plugged duct 🙁

    Sat February 3 at 1:01 pm Reply
    • Ali Maffucci

      Panache makes a great one!

      Tue February 6 at 11:24 pm Reply
  • Monica

    Quick question.. why did you choose the freestyle over the spectra s9? I am pregnant and trying to decide which portable pump to purchase. My insurance won’t cover the s1.. it will cover the S9, S2 or freestyle. Trying to decide what to get.

    Tue February 6 at 9:08 pm Reply
    • Ali Maffucci

      It was recommended by someone and so I got it! and I like it!

      Tue February 6 at 11:24 pm Reply
  • Like

    Like!! Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

    Tue September 25 at 1:06 pm Reply

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