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17 Nov

baby favorites: newborn play

playing with a newborn is somewhat limited. in the first few days and weeks, they don’t really see much, so it seems like they can’t be entertained. plus, they’re usually sleeping (ah, I miss those days!) as the babies grow and they start to see patterns and engage more with the world, it gets a lot more fun!

Luca is almost 8 weeks old and these are the toys/products that he loves to play with and keep him entertained (and tuckers him out!)

1 – hand held mirror: you probably already have one of these in your home! even in the initial weeks, Luca LOVED to look at himself and now, I can hold the mirror in front of him (while he’s in the Rock n’ Play or Baby Bjorn Bouncer and he loves it – and smiles!)

2 – rock n play: while this was key in the beginning for daytime naps (and night time!), he’s outgrown that stage (since he hates being on his back), but we still use it during the day for playtime – with this little mobile attached to the top! we can read books to him in it and rock him to keep him soothed.

3 – baby bjorn bouncer: when Luca was about 5 weeks old, he was big enough for this bouncy chair and now he LOVES it. he’ll stay in it (and sometimes pass out in it for a good nap!) for awhile and play. he likes to be bounced. I love reading to him or showing him these art cards while he’s in the chair.

4 – crib mobile: BEST PURCHASE EVER. Luca loves his mobile – I can get a lot done in the morning by just laying him underneath the mobile. once, he stayed there for 30 minutes! it’s affordable, colorful, and the music isn’t obnoxious! it’s funny, now I know which song he starts fussing at (once he’s bored, after 20-30 minutes.)

5 – stroller mobile: Luca doesn’t love the car seat, so we needed to find a distraction and this easily attachable stroller mobile was it – and we also use it on the Rock n’ Play!

6 – travel/universal mobile: okay last mobile! this is basically an easily clip-able mobile that we use in the bassinet on our walks together (the other mobiles won’t stay attached.) he loves it and the music is gentle enough that it helps him get to bed while he’s being strolled in the bassinet. it clips on to the car seat, also!

7 – art cards: babies apparently only see high contrast images at first, so these are great for their development. at first, Luca didn’t gaze at them for very long, but now, he’ll stare at a card for 5 minutes straight! it’s adorable and I feel like I’m really helping him develop!

8 – where is my belly button book: there are a couple books I wanted to add to this list, because they’re easy reads with big, colorful images that are great for newborns. Luca loves this belly button book, because there are flaps that open up and it excites him!

9 – that’s not my dragon book: the wording is easy on this one too, so after I feed him in the morning, I’ll read him this one and it takes a couple minutes, but it’s easy for me to read and hold him at the same time.

10 – fisher price kick n’ play piano gym: for some reason, Luca doesn’t look big playmats, but he LOVES this smaller, contained one. this is like the crib mobile, he’ll stay underneath this entertaining himself for a while, so Mommy can fold laundry, eat, or do whatever. he loves it and it helps with a lot of motor development.

11 – elephant play mat: either a blanket or this play mat is used for tummy time! he loves how soft it is and when we’re done with tummy time, I flip him over and talk to him for a little bit. it’s a nice surface to entertain the baby, anywhere in your house (we keep it on the couch!)

I’d love to hear what products you love for entertaining your baby!

  • Jeanne H.

    I’m a Great-Gramma now so have been through lots of these early-stages with little ones. I think it is great that you have been (and continue) to write up your experiences for new moms/dads to get their first clues. The nice part is that you don’t just mention/describe an item, but talk a bit about how baby benefits from it.
    Suggestion: in addition to everything else you ‘have on your plate’, perhaps you could combine your past and future writings into a little book for first-time parents– giving them hints/tips throughout the pregnancy and on into welcoming and nurturing their little one to Our World … Jeanne, Los Alamos, NM

    Fri November 17 at 7:49 pm Reply
  • Vanessa

    I love the That’s Not My books! I have that’s not my hedgehog and that’s not my elf. My 5 month old loves them!

    Fri November 17 at 7:55 pm Reply
  • Kasie

    Did you use a Dockatot? Some people swear by them, but I’m on the fence.

    Thu June 7 at 8:47 pm Reply
    • Ali Maffucci

      Yes yes, one of my favorite baby products!

      Fri July 13 at 4:14 pm Reply
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