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23 Sep

dressing for the body you have, not the body you had


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I was a yo-yo dieter all of my life. until June 2014, when I took control of my weight once and for all, and resolved to change my lifestyle instead of reach a weight goal by a certain date. FYI: that’s never a good idea (i.e. “I’m going to lose 15 pounds by [insert date here.]”

the highest I ever was in my life was a little less than 190 my junior year of college, when I was studying abroad. I was mortified when I came home from that year abroad. since I’m 5’7.5″, I’m lucky that my weight gets “tucked away”, so while I grow bigger all over, I don’t get fat deposits in one specific area – it’s pretty equally distributed. the reason why that’s dangerous is because I don’t notice the weight gain as easily as someone who is short – 10 pounds on me is pretty subtle.

anyway, now, I’m about 140 pounds. I usually range 140-145 (i.e. 145 on a Monday after an indulgent weekend and then 140 on a Friday, after a week of clean eating.) my weight fluctuates a LOT, so I try not to focus on the scale and more how I feel and how clothes fit my body.

speaking of clothes fitting the body, since I was a yo-yo dieter, it’s hard for me to finally accept that this body is here to STAY. it is. and because of that, I’m constantly buying clothes that are for a heavier me. it’s hard to accept that I’m a 25/26 or 2/4 in denim or that XS tops really look best on me. at one point, I was buying XL shirts!

anyway, as I’ve written about before in previous blog posts, I’m focusing on embracing my body more, showing it off (I work FREAKING HARD for this body) and looking in the mirror and seeing the Ali that’s here to stay, not the old Ali, that might balloon up again.

the old Ali would have never bought a top like this, because it would draw more attention. it would add more “weight” or “fluff.” it was hard to even add this shirt to my cart, because I wasn’t sure if it was “me.”

the best thing about weight loss and finding your healthy self is that clothing actually fits and looks good on you and doesn’t make you cry in the fitting room (okay, I’ve never done that but I’ve definitely gotten depressed after a trip to the mall.) it’s probably the best part about losing weight (and sustaining.) okay, feeling great every morning is also a benefit…

happy Friday and cheers to looking at the new you (for those of you who are on a similar journey) and being proud to show off your hard work! it deserves to be celebrated!

  • AR

    I so relate to this, in fact it took a very good friend to point out my clothes look like sacks on me and what the hell was I doing buying XL’s? yoyo dieting is an insidious thing – so glad I’m off that train…great article

    Fri September 23 at 5:57 pm Reply
    • Ali Maffucci

      Glad you’re off that train! Cheers to finding our healthy happy selves 🙂

      Fri September 23 at 6:06 pm Reply
  • Stella @ Stellicious Life

    Congrats Ali, you look smokin’ hot! ???? And my very first thought upon seeing your first photo was how great that shirt looked and how much I lived it’s fluffy sleeves! ???? I’ve been a health conscious pescetarian who doesn’t eat dairy and lost some weight (I wasn’t fully conscious of it, but people keep commenting about it). I live this feeling of being lighter and more energetic! ????

    Fri September 23 at 7:32 pm Reply
  • M

    I can relate to this… my top weight was 148pounds to my 5′.4” frame. I felt horrible and many times I cryed while trying clothes at home and feeling that nothing suited me. I know, it sounds dramatic… I’ve gained my weight mostly because of not exercising that much and having a hormonal implant. I cannot describe how I feel after taking that implant off and loosing almost 22 pounds since January… just with healthy eathing and mild exercise. Since then I found my true style (which is actually pretty simple and minimal) and the weight I didn’t have since started college 11 years ago! Sometimes I still feel amazed by how I can actually fit and look better in a XS or S while I’m still grabing some L or XL pieces… I guess is a process 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Really like those jeans!

    Sat September 24 at 9:42 am Reply

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