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25 Oct

How We Work As Parents and Who Does What

I'm always fascinated by how parents balance life with children - the housework, the meals, the playdates, appointments, classes, school, and just the day to day. No parent duo is the same, but we all seem to make it work (and major shout out to the single parents out there - you're the real heroes!) Before the baby, Lu and I had the, "I cook, you clean" separation of duties. Now, there's a lot more to do other than cooking and cleaning (and there's even more of that with the baby, haha!) and it's a bit more complicated and busy, which is why it's important to have each partner be responsible for something separate. I feel like Lu and I have our...
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19 Jun

what I’ve learned after being married for two years

when we got back from our babymoon, I didn't think it was possible to love Lu anymore. at some point I asked him, "do you still feel as excited to be with me as you did on our honeymoon?" and we both agreed, yes, of course - and even more so! even though a babymoon isn't as emotionally exhilarating as coming off a wedding, it's special in its own way, because it's the start of a new chapter together.

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