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13 Jul

monthly challenges: july

monthly challenges: july

for each month of this year (I started in March), I’m going to be doing a monthly challenge, where I practice something NEW for the entire month (about 30 days). I didn’t want to preselect all the challenges for the entire year, because I’m always changing and there are always areas of my life that change and some need more help than others at certain times.

let’s start with a recap of the last month and then get into this month’s challenge!

june’s challenge: recap

june’s challenge was to stretch for 10 minutes everyday. and, I failed (mostly.) honestly, I didn’t do a good job of setting a reminder in my phone to do it, so most days, I just stretched for a couple minutes here and there. only a handful of times did I do a full 10 minute stretch. what I ended up doing was making a conscious effort to stretch when I’m at my desk or sitting around watching TV at night.

what I’ve learned is setting a time limit isn’t necessary. I definitely stretched more than I’ve ever stretched in my life and it felt great. I’ll definitely continue to do this.

july challenge

I’m late to posting my july challenge and it’s already halfway through the month! the july 4th holiday/being gone for a week set me back! BUT, my challenge this month (which I started while in the Bahamas) is to floss everyday! I know, I know – tsk tsk, I should already be flossing. but, I don’t – and I know I should, which is why I’m making it this month’s challenge, because I want to build it into my everyday life. and 30 days of doing it has to help with that, right?

what will your july challenge be?

  • Debbi hErman

    Love your monthly challenges that you share with us. I already floss daily-yeah me and gOod dds appointments. Keep being you.

    Fri July 13 at 2:49 pm Reply
  • KT

    LOL – I don floss eiTher and have tried and failed to make it a haBit!! Totally joining you on This one 🙂 (all caps not intentional)

    Fri July 13 at 2:59 pm Reply

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