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7 Sep

our maternity shoot

Dress by Show Me Your Mumu

while I always knew I wanted to do a maternity shoot of Lu and I with the bump,Β I wasn’t sure I wanted to do the more intimate shoot, where the woman poses either naked, in undies, or in a barely-there-ethereal robe.

as the date approached, I didn’t have time to go shopping and look for something cute to wear for the latter shoot (the dainty, half-naked one), so I figured I wouldn’t do it. but after doing the photoshoot with Lu in the park (we went to Van Vorst Park in Jersey City, where we live), we came back, and I thought to myself, “these photos are just going to be for me anyway, what do I care what I’m wearing?”

sometimes, we get caught up too much in the social media moment – well, what are these photos going to look like on Instagram?! I decided I didn’t care and I’d just put them in an album to cherish forever, and I wouldn’t share them (only the ones of him and I ‘dressed up.’) I literally went into my clothes storage bins, found a ratty Forever21 sweater (I got it for $7 in a sale bin about 3 years ago), threw on some regular underwear and a white tank top I hadn’t washed in probably 2 weeks, that I wear to bed all the time.


I immediately felt like me, and posing in those photos felt natural. I wasn’t posing for anyone else but me and of course, Lu. I felt so comfortable not being dressed up a certain way and trying to feel like anyone else but me. it was a liberating feeling and I am SO happy, in the end, that I decided to do this more intimate shoot, and I decided to share a few of the photos with you, in hopes that inspires some of you mamas-to-be to not be afraid to capture your bare belly and body in a photoshoot. just wear what makes you feel comfortable – not what you think will look best on camera. in the end, you want to feel like yourself, in your own beautiful, pregnant skin.

I have SO many photos, here are my favorites – and I divided them up between the park and the bedroom. OH, and to be totally transparent – Lu did NOT want to do this, but in the end, as he was looking at the photos, he was just as happy as I was that we did it. he loves the photos and showed them to his mom, proudly. I’m always right, honey πŸ˜‰

van vorst park

our bedroom

hope our shoot inspires some of you to do your own maternity photoshoots! to me, there’s nothing more feminine than a pregnant belly, so you should be proud – and show it off and capture the memory!


all photos by Erin Dwyer Photography.

love you all. this is my last post before my maternity leave! the next post will most likely be our birth story!

  • Allison

    I love all of these photos, but you look so peaceful and blissful in that final photo. πŸ™‚

    Wishing you and Lu a peaceful last few days before the birth and a safe delivery! <3

    Thu September 7 at 3:18 pm Reply
    • Ali Maffucci

      Thank you Allison!!

      Thu September 7 at 8:55 pm Reply
  • Jnnie Turczyn

    The photo’s are all beautiful….ALL you! Praying for the doctors and nurses that attend to you and for you, that you have a easy delivery and a healthy baby boy. Best wishes to you Ali

    Thu September 7 at 3:43 pm Reply
    • Ali Maffucci

      Thank you so much for the kind thoughts!!

      Thu September 7 at 8:55 pm Reply
  • Angelina

    So beautiful! Thank you for sharing this wonderful journey! It makes me love your products, your recipes and everything "Inspiralized" that much more. God bless you and your family! Wishing you all the very best as you prepare to welcome your new baby to this world!!

    Thu September 7 at 4:32 pm Reply
    • Ali Maffucci

      Aw thank you, that means a lot to me!

      Thu September 7 at 8:55 pm Reply
  • Allison

    Saying "there’s nothing more feminine than a pregnant belly" is a really backhanded way of saying that you think all women should have children. Not sure if you meant that, but regardless, it’s a bit insulting. To some women, the thought of being pregnant is gross.

    Thu September 7 at 5:08 pm Reply
    • Ali Maffucci

      So sad to see you’ve found something negative and hateful in such a happy, loving, sharing post. Really disappointed in this comment and if you know anything about me, you know that a thought like that would ever cross my mind. Sorry to hear it has crossed yours.

      Thu September 7 at 8:53 pm Reply
  • Julie

    Ali… I love your maternity photos and especially the naked belly ones….so beautiful!

    Thu September 7 at 5:13 pm Reply
    • Ali Maffucci

      Thank you so much, Julie!

      Thu September 7 at 8:53 pm Reply
  • Debbie

    I don’t think Ali meant any harm towards anyone’s feelings.

    Thu September 7 at 5:20 pm Reply
    • Ali Maffucci

      Thanks for the kindness, Debbie. Some people live in a constant state of unhappiness and negativity and they see life through such a lens. It’s really saddening and I’ve noticed it more and more, being in the ‘public eye.’

      Thu September 7 at 8:54 pm Reply
  • Debbi Herman

    Best wishes Ali to you and Lu. It’s been so much fun sharing your journey. My younger son and DIL, are expecting twins. One little lady and a gent. Can’t edit to hear your sons name.

    Thu September 7 at 6:44 pm Reply
    • Ali Maffucci

      Aw congratulations!

      Thu September 7 at 8:54 pm Reply
  • Donna Ross

    You guys are so cute! I can’t wait to hear all about baby boy’s birth! Good luck and CONGRATULATIONS!!

    Thu September 7 at 6:49 pm Reply
  • Marianne

    Your pictures are Amazing Ali, every single one!!! It only gets better after the little ones is born.
    Well I did NOT get that little tidbit of "insight" out of Ali’s comment at all! All women can be feminine in so many ways, but, women were made to have babies whether they choose to or not. So when a women is in the state of creating a human being inside of her belly, I agree that at that time it IS the most feminine she is doing. To those of us that choose to have kids and experience the journey, find it insulting that people would look at us as gross! None of us would be here if we ALL chose not to have children. Chalk it up to our own opinions I guess. I’m sure Ali was directing that towards all the women who find pregnancy a beautiful part of life!

    Thu September 7 at 6:55 pm Reply
    • Ali Maffucci

      Thank you so much for this refreshingly kind post, Marianne!

      Thu September 7 at 8:55 pm Reply
  • Cheryl

    They are all truly so beautiful!

    Thu September 7 at 8:49 pm Reply
    • Ali Maffucci

      Thank you Cheryl!

      Thu September 7 at 8:55 pm Reply
  • Milded Jones

    Beautiful pictures!! I wish you guys all the best!! You’re carrying very nicely!!

    Thu September 7 at 10:45 pm Reply
  • Melody

    These pictures are amazing, Ali. You and Lu have created a beautiful memory with these photos. And, for someone who didn’t want to do this, Lu looks so happy. The love you two have for each other and your child is so very apparent. I wish you all the best. I’m glad you’re Mom can be with you too. Thoughts and prayers for a safe and happy delivery. Can’t wait to hear the story of this little guy making his debut.

    Thu September 7 at 11:55 pm Reply
  • Linda Foster-Smith

    Love them all. Beautiful!!!!

    Fri September 8 at 1:54 am Reply
  • Debbie

    I just want to cry, these photos and all you have shared with us are so truly…beautiful!!! You have shared intimate parts of your lives with us, and it is so refreshing to read and see the love in your life come alive. Literally! πŸ™‚ I don’t have children and I find your posts and photos inspiring and relateable. Relatable, because they’re real. Thank you for your courage and efforts, wow, your baby is being blessed into a loving family indeed! Prayers for your birth and everyone involved- God is with you! Yay! Welcome soon to the world, little one!

    Fri September 8 at 8:19 am Reply
  • Ruth Sweeney

    These are such gorgeous photos! I am so happy for you and Lu. Can’t wait to hear about your birth story. Thank you so much for sharing! More people should love their body-it is pretty miraculous!

    Sun September 10 at 5:22 pm Reply
  • Gwen Shepherd

    This moment is so precious and I hope you remember it all your life as I do. Children are the best thing we can have in our world. Good luck with the birth and I hope it all goes well. I look forward to hearing all your news.
    I will be thinking of you later this month.
    Gwen Shepherd

    Sun September 10 at 5:52 pm Reply
  • Sarah Howell

    Beautiful pics Ali, from a fellow new mama in Poole, dorset. U.K. Xx

    Sun September 10 at 6:14 pm Reply
  • Ginger Wilkin

    Ali ~ as a woman whose pregnancies were in the ’70’s, I am so blessed by your vulnerability, you transparency, your willingness to share with us. What a blessing. I was pregnant at a time when bellie’s were hidden, I was called a "beached whale" the bigger I got (I only gained 18 pounds and was actually quite small), doctors said to our face, "If you keep gaining weight like this, your husband will never want to look at you again." It was not a time (at least not for me) that I was proud of my appearance. So I only have two pictures of my first pregnancy (one at five months and one at seven months) and I am kinda hidden in the last one. The second pregnancy ~ only one at my shower with a bunch of children helping me unwrap the gifts. All of the maternity fashions were large and gathered to "hide". I love, that now, people touch the bellies of those precious ones, that they record each week with joy and happiness. I did this myself, I kept a journal for myself (no pictures) and talked and "touched" those precious wee ones that were making my body their home and touching my heart so thoroughly. YOU being vulnerable and sharing has touch me and I am blessed. Thank you. You are so beautiful, so apparently full of love for each other and for this precious soul that you have co-created. Thank you for sharing.

    Sun September 10 at 6:24 pm Reply
  • toni

    Dear ali, love every picture. Lord be with you! toni

    Sun September 10 at 8:47 pm Reply
  • Mary Lou

    Thank you for sharing all the beautiful pictures of you, Lu and baby bump!! I wish I was 40 years younger and share my life as you have done. My favorites were of in-the-flesh baby bump. So precious!! Can’t wait for you, Lu and baby!! Many prayerful and positive thoughts for you and Lu.

    Sun September 10 at 9:06 pm Reply
  • Elaine Weaver

    Awesome photos of all 3 of you! Best Wishes and enjoy your private time!

    Sun September 10 at 10:21 pm Reply
  • Mary

    Congratulations on your coming event! You and Lu look so happy and beautiful together. Best wishes and enjoy your maternity leave to the fullest!!

    Sun September 10 at 10:59 pm Reply
  • Florence

    Wow you look amazing! Wishing you and your husband all the best with the arrival of your little bundle of joy! Enjoy! Florence from Canada with love!

    Sun September 10 at 11:08 pm Reply
  • Nettie

    Love following your posts and wish you the best time of your life with your new baby.

    Mon September 11 at 12:46 am Reply
  • Linda

    You are a true inspiration to young women today. I admire your honesty and kindness. You followed your heart and look where it has brought you.
    This is a beautiful time in your life. Becoming a mother is a gift.
    Blessings to you, Lu and baby.

    Mon September 11 at 2:22 am Reply
  • Maria

    These are beautiful photos! They feel so natural. You are gorgeous in full bloom! Kudos to your photographer for capturing such sweet moments in your lives. ????

    Mon September 11 at 2:28 am Reply
  • Jami

    These are beautiful pictures, thank you sharing! Enjoy your maturity leave, I’ll be right here when you return. I love the Inspiralizer and the inspiralizer community. Blessings to you, Lu and baby.

    Mon September 11 at 2:46 am Reply
  • Laura Vano

    Beautiful photos…thanks for sharing ????

    Mon September 11 at 3:03 am Reply
  • Toni Casados

    Wonderful pictures!

    Mon September 11 at 1:28 pm Reply
  • Karen Maloney

    Absolutely gorgeous! You guys are a lovely couple! Relax, enjoy and take in every moment! Sending wishes for every happiness and special blessing!

    Tue September 12 at 2:50 pm Reply
  • Jackie Termont

    Beautiful. We wish you all the best.

    Wed September 13 at 1:17 pm Reply
  • hayley

    Gorgeous shoot! It has been so fun following along your pregnancy. I am due with our first end of Nov and we are right in Hoboken! Question, I ordered that same dress for my upcoming shower and am wondering if that fabric has any give to it? Thinking maybe I should have ordered two sizes to be sure? Let me know what your thoughts were! Thanks!

    Thu September 14 at 7:12 pm Reply
    • Ali Maffucci

      The fabric does not give, but I bought it in my pre-maternity size (size Small) and it fit just perfectly!

      Thu September 14 at 8:46 pm Reply
  • annie

    The love in your eyes! LOVE these pics and the way you look at each other. You are going to be awesome parents!

    Tue September 19 at 3:10 am Reply
  • Stella @ Stellicious Life

    Dear Ali, I just loved looking at these photos you both are radiating with so much joy and happiness and excitement, I’m sure it will be a touching moment for Luca Lea to see them when he’s grown up to witness how much his parents were awaiting him with so much love πŸ™‚

    And while the park ones look lovely with all those bright greenery and sun, my favourite ones are the bedroom ones, they are so intimate and touching. Really glad to see you had them made and made me decide that when the time comes I shall not miss out on doing such a private and intimate shoot for us either πŸ˜‰

    Fri November 10 at 3:34 pm Reply
  • Patty

    What’s your go-to strapless bra? I have such a hard time finding a good one! I feel like they never stay or don’t give enough support.

    Wed February 21 at 8:05 pm Reply

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