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21 Jul

the cure for thigh chafing


I was recently reading a baby book that said pregnant women tend to store extra fat in their thighs as a way to preserve essential fats for when your body is ready to breastfeed. while that’s awesome, I’m not really enjoying the extra pudge around my inner thighs! and I’m a girl who does a LOT of squats, lunges, and other leg-defining moves.

of course, it’s all good and I love my body more and more everyday, as my belly grows and I know there’s a healthy baby in there. I’ll take all the inner thigh pudge in exchange for a healthy baby boy!

BUT, in the meantime, it is pretty annoying – and an issue I haven’t dealt with in many years, since I finally shed the excess 30 pounds I needed to and changed my lifestyle. I didn’t have any thigh-chafing issues for a few years, which was lovely!

now, the chafing is back. and I remember it all too well, from those days when I tipped the scale in the high 160s and mid 170s – no thigh gap here (ever, really) and thus, thigh chafing in the summertime (or whenever it’s hot and humid) is a reality.

with a growing belly and soaring temperatures this summer in the NYC area, I just couldn’t take it anymore. the pressure of my belly and then thigh chafing?! SO. I started looking into it on Amazon, because I believe anything can be cured through an Amazon product (for real.)


they’re called BANDELETTES.

these magical little bands of fabric secure nice and firm to your inner thighs and they don’t budge, thanks to little rubber bands around the edges (so no, they don’t roll up! they stay there. ALL DAY.)

OMG it has been life changing and I don’t leave the house in a dress without them. of course, if you’re wearing a mini skirt, they may pop out a bit, so you have to consider that – but for anything other than a mini skirt, they’re concealable! you could also buy them in lace or black and go for a little sexy peekaboo look, but this preggo mama is just looking for function and comfort, so I went with the ‘BEIGE UNISEX’.

the only thing I’m upset about is that I didn’t know about this during my early to mid 20s when I was chafing all over the place. my life would’ve been so much more pleasant in the summertime and on vacations!

YOU’RE WELCOME. your daily confidence is literally going to be 100 times better thanks to this suggestion, I just know it. seriously, my life is changed and I have been telling EVERYBODY about it.

you can find them here, on Amazon (I got them in the smallest size, A 21-22″, – I measured roughly with a piece of paper I cut out to be like a measuring tape. crafty, I know.)

let me know what you think if you get them! and spread the word – save other women from unnecessary thigh chafing!

you can shop the post here:



  • SC

    I just bought some! They really do stay up, and I also went practical with beige unisex ???? The only thing I’m not a fan of is the slight ‘swishing’ sound when they run together.

    Fri July 21 at 8:02 pm Reply
  • Christine Higgins

    Adding these to my growing Amazon list of pregnancy items. I also used to deal with thigh chaffing a few pounds ago and I can tell it’s probably coming back along with my growing bump.

    Mon July 24 at 2:15 am Reply
  • Katie D

    I have tried dozens of products and found that body glide, made for athletes and sold in sporting stores, works wonders!!! It goes on like a deodorant, its clear so its great for short shorts or swim suits, no more thigh rubs on romantic beach walks! With lots of sweating or swimming it does need to be reapplied. Having rub free thighs is amazing!!!!

    Mon July 24 at 5:35 pm Reply
    • Ali Maffucci

      I bought it and it did nothing for me!! :/

      Mon July 24 at 5:39 pm Reply
  • Jane

    I think you would also enjoy Thigh Society which double as undies! Win-win.

    Wed September 6 at 6:51 pm Reply

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